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The cool DFox avatar...

2007-07-18 18:38:47 by DFox

You might have noticed my cool new DFox character for my avatar picture.

It was created by the VERY talented ImpendingRiot! Be sure to check out his great work.

EDIT: I completely forgot to say why he made it... We were all set to do the Flash regs collab together but unfortunately his graphics card conked and he's left without being able to use Flash :( He had that part done before, so I decided to put it to some use.

You can see his full version bellow this post.

The cool DFox avatar...


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2007-07-19 01:30:31

i should make a game with that char.

DFox responds:

Heh, yeah, he's so sexy because he's based after me. If you ever wanna do something and need an ASer, let me know :)


2007-07-21 02:31:49

I <3 him! :-)

DFox responds:

Cooool :) I think it will stay as mah official DFox avatar.


2007-07-21 04:41:50

Very nicely drawn - I love it!

DFox responds:

Yeah I thought it was nicely draw too. But ImpendingRiot is like a hard core artist and likes to play down his work. I don't even think he really wanted me to tie his name to it LOL.


2007-07-21 21:26:04

Psh, I'm no hard core artist :p

Nah man, I just feel guilty as hell about my graphics card crapping out during the reg collab. Anyways, at least you got something you like out of it :)

I'm back to scheming, might do a comic seeing as its not system intesive. I gotta put that web space to use!

Anyways man, glad you like it. I'll ttyl, shnoogums.

DFox responds:

You have a really cool style that I think looks great in comics.

And yeah make a fucking site already before I put my fucking cock in your mouth.


2007-07-22 23:13:38

Well, what can I say? It looks really cool and is awesome! Nicely done!

He looks like he has to pee :x

DFox responds:

lol that's pretty random. He looks like a fucking stud, just like the real DFox. He looks like he's on his way to kick some major ass.


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