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$550 a lot for headphones?

2007-11-23 05:10:42 by DFox

That question might seem absurd at first glance, but I guarantee I can change your mind.

Earlier tonight, my headphones died. They were in-ear headphones made by Sony. At the time, they were about $50, and when that was, I'll get to later. I had used them for the main sound source on my computer, and I took them with me into the world everytime I journeyed with my iPod.

Anyway, right after they died tonight, I quickly scrambled to the Best Buy website to see what kinds of headphones were being offered. I only use in-ear, so I went to browse them. Eventually, I came to this guy: p?skuId=8348576&type=product&id=117650 6889494 The first thing that came to my mind, which would probably come to anyone's mind at first was "What the fuck, that's absurd for headphones".

All of a sudden, it hit me. My headphones that had just died were a little more than FOUR years old. They served me every single day for over four years. Then I thought about it some more. Nothing that I own is nearly that old. I bought the headphones more than 4 years ago. I've been through a computer since then, 2 cell phones (about $500 each), an iPod, a school, even a major period of my life.

Those headphones came with me on planes, car rides, long trips, vacations, so many places I can't even remember. And they were also with me every single day while I used the computer and required sound (which is most of the time). It's funny how they even have sentimental value because of all they've been through.

But back to the main point -- These headphones gave me 4 durable years. The sound quality was very good. When I look back at all of that, I almost say to myself how can I NOT get these headphones... They are clearly the best on the market (not because of high price, every review raves), and I'm going to potentially have them longer than any other item I will by in the near future. How can you go wrong?

The bottom line is we wouldn't think twice about buying some pricey items, but then when it comes to headphones, it seems like they shouldn't have that price tag. All I know is if something is going to give me 4+ years of enjoyment, $550 is a small price to pay.

My mom was trying to convince me not to buy them because of the steep price tag, and she's like "let's look on the Apple site". We go on there, and sure enough (no pun intended), they are featuring Shure headphones. They had the most reviews on them of any site I found, and the reviews were spectacular and that basically has sold me. You can read them here. That's more than enough proof for me. Apple is selling them, and the reviews are outstanding.

Anyway, as per cumSum's suggestion in a comment on this post, I think I'm going to buy it via Does anyone know how they are? I assume they are pretty reputable... Thanks again cumSum for pointing that out to me.

So I'm going to do a tad more research, and I think I'll probably buy within the next few days. I'll be sure to make a new post letting you guys know how they are.

EDIT #2:
PURCHASED! Took me longer than I wanted to, but it's done. I couldn't get it from Tigerdirect because they were out of stock and said it could be 7-21 days. I ordered them from this site: utoheea.html So far they seem outstanding. I ordered at about 3:30 PM today, chose free USPS shipping, and they mailed out the product today with Fedex shipping instead of USPS ground. So, I should have them in a matter of a few days.


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2007-11-23 06:19:05

good quality deserve good price.but are you sure the headphone you want to buy also serve you for 4 years?

DFox responds:

Yeah, that's an interesting point. It seems to me like headphone technology doesn't change all that often. It can only be good to a certain point, so I think 4 years isn't too much.


2007-11-23 07:19:10

You've got a point, but I can't say I'm convinced.. If you were satisfied with your old headphones is it really worth it to buy those that costs probably several hundreds of dollars more if you can get good quality for so much less?

The reason people by expensive cell phones and computers is that they have so much more to offer than the cheap ones, but I don't really think that's the case with headphones.

This is, of course, my opinion :)

DFox responds:

Good question. I was very satisfied with my old headphones, but the sound quality was GOOD, not great. From everything I hear, these are the best sound quality you can get and the most durable. And I think the same really goes for headphones as it does for cellphones, the more expensive ones do offer the best sound quality. And I don't know about you, but I've never had one cell phone for close to 4 years.


2007-11-23 07:39:44

same thing for a iPhone. Some say it costs too much ($399) but if you're goin to use it 3-4 years that's only a $100 per year.
Yeah, i'd rather get one great item that costs much once in 4 years than tens of crappy ones that cost a little.

DFox responds:

EXACTLY. If you do the per year cost, it makes it much clearer how much it is compared to other things you buy.


2007-11-23 10:00:17

If you're going to buy them, don't buy them from bestbuy
On, they're $499.00 and they come with an "Ultra Compact Portable Media Player".
Just saying

DFox responds:

Thanks a ton for the suggestion, if I decide to buy them, I will definitely buy it from tigerdirect.


2007-11-23 11:27:25

So is this a 'get what you pay for' moment or not?

DFox responds:

Yes, that's what I'm also getting at. All the reviews I've read have indicated that these are the best quality they have ever used, and they got what they paid for.


2007-11-23 12:05:04

Sounds like someone's got a bit of a spending problem. I wouldn't pay more than $20 for Headphones. They last longer if you know how to take care of them and/or how to fix them.

DFox responds:

Ok... But how long do you use one set for? I originally paid $50 for something I used for 4 years. That's $12.50 a year. So unless yours last 1 year+ WITHOUT having to fix them (that's additional money whether you fix them, or you pay to get them fixed), then you're getting a better deal. And there is no way you can honestly believe you get the same sound quality with $20 headphones. I've seen the difference between $5 headphones, $10 headphones, $20 headphones, $50 headphones, and I'm sure I will with the new ones I might get.


2007-11-24 22:38:28

i dont like ear-in headphones.. they irritate my ears.. maybe i have fucked up ears.. i spent 150 on mine.. they are sony as well and are like dj headphones.. they feel comfortable they are chunky and the official dont bother me im busy headphones.

DFox responds:

Yeah, the thing with in-ear headphones is you have to like them. A lot of people don't. Personally, there the only kind of headphones I would use, but that's just personal preference.

I know the kind that you're talking about, and the reason I don't really like those is because I like to carry my iPod in my pocket, and obviously those headphones would never fit in a pocket... How do you carry them around? To me, that's like the whole beauty of the iPod, compact.


2007-12-18 16:15:01

Meh. I dunno. 550 bucks is alot of money. I'd probably pass, but that's just me.


2008-11-02 00:53:06

Have you considered Bose headphones?

If I were you,I would go search the Bose website for the next time you need headphones...


2009-01-21 19:10:55

You didn't convince me.

How are these $550 ones any better than a $100 pair?

Imo you would be better off buying a $100 pair and buy yourself something else nice with the left over $450.


2009-05-16 23:38:24

I see your a fellow Yankees fan, good choice.


2009-07-13 18:10:13

I bow to people who are willing to spend some money on proper audio equipment.


2010-01-07 15:19:30

You brutally fail for falling to someones overpriced product. I bought even better headphones yesterday (technical data/sound quality... ect). And I only had to pay 70$, so there is no freakin way those little piece of shit headphones of yours match up their 550$- Also having a gold plated plug and all that is pretty standard on high end audio hardware :P


2010-01-07 15:52:51

From the same site you posted i just picked the first 2 BETTER and CHEAPER earphones: bud+Headphones+-+Gray/9432973.p?id=12 18104523495&skuId=9432973 rahigh+Earbud+Headphones/9432928.p?id =1218104525080&skuId=9432928

And maybe, you will realise how you ve been fooled by a high price making you think your headphones are better, lol.